A Peachy Keen Newsletter: September 2015

Hello Peachy Keen Friends,

How are you? I hope the answer is very good. Us over here at Peachy Keen have had the BUSIEST summer of our lives. Want to hear about it? No? Well too bad, we’re going to tell you anyway.

Sydney is all up in BC. She is currently at the Victoria Fringe Festival starring at a mountain. She is moving to Vancouver, as well as finishing off her tour with her one woman show ‘Village Ax’ at their Fringe Festival. After which, she will have completed an 8 city tour. 1 of which she turned into a technician, and one of which she turned into a stage manager (gotta switch that shit up folks). The following year see’s Sydney tech’ing for GICS on Granville Island and enjoying her first winter in a decently warm climate. Also, if you have any other work for her in Vancouver, please email info@peachyk.ca because a gal could always use more work, she can do anything and is super great. Her solo show, ‘Village Ax’ was picked up for Theatre Project Manitoba’s 2015 season in January at the Rachel Browne Theatre. So Winnipeg, if you missed it at the Fringe, you can catch it there! This year she will be preparing a new, two-person, fast-paced comedy with Fringe superstar: JEFF LEARD. World, let’s just say, you’re going to want to get your ticket to that, like, tomorrow.

Elsa is currently working on opening a cocktail bar on Corydon avenue in Winnipeg called ‘The Roost’. She is also entering her fourth year of theatre studies at the University of Winnipeg, where she is president of the theatre and film students’ association. She is enjoying life and welcoming new experiences as they come to her.

Justin O found this summer to be a very eye opening experience as co-creator, co-performer, co-well everything. Seeing this beautiful country, all the while performing what he believed to be an outstanding third production for this company, has been an absolute pleasure for him. Outside of Peachy Keen this year Justin will be performing,  “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and in the early spring with Prairie Theatre Exchange in, “Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts”. Depending on funding, the winter may see a production of a play under a different company name – more info to come. It will be a year of more creation. Justin would like to give a shoutout to Christy and Sydney – who put this summer in his head, and to everyone who paid for a ticket, spread the word about the show, was a keen tech, put us up, or otherwise kept us going; thank you. Keep livin’ the Manic Pixie dream folks.

Aaaaaand last but not least, bikes, bourbon, singing Bowie, and slinging beers… This has been Christy‘s summer, and it’s been so good. Oh, and she recorded some brand new freaking music from scratch at Private Ear Studios, about to be released this fall. Be sure to keep an eye out for that…and a David Bowie cover band may be on the horizon as well…

As far as Peachy Keen as a whole goes, we have a couple of pieces of very exciting news. We have hired a very special new member to our Peachy Keen team: Eugene Hayduk. He will be acting as our manager for the coming years. As well, as Peachy Keen Production’s #1 fan! Eugene is the most open, thoughtful, loving person we have ever met, and we are so lucky to have him in our corner.

As well… Bizarro Obscure is RETURNING TO THE STAGE. Janis and Jujube are bouncing all over the place excited, to tell you that they will be travelling to MONTREAL. That’s right, Bizarro Obscure is coming to the Montreal Fringe! Jujube is especially excited because she will be able to finally show everyone the beautiful french she knows. Janis is also excited but she still can’t play any instruments or speak french, but she promises to be there eating all the poutine.

From all of us at Peachy Keen Productions, we wish you a very happy and beautiful fall.




P.S Sorry for the goofy photo. This is the only one I could find with most of us together. Silly us.

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