The Keeners

Sydney  Hayduk
Co-Founder, Artistic Director
Sydney Hayduk is a creator, maker and booty shaker. She also acts as one of the Founders and Artistic Director of Peachy Keen Productions. Sydney's success on the Fringe Circuit began before she was known as an onstage presence. She was introduced to the Fringe as a Technician and Stage Manager. The overwhelming amounts of surrounded creativity and excitement inevitably lead her to a continual journey onstage. Sydney continues to try and find different ways of incorporating everything she has ever learned into her work. Expect dancing, rhyming, and messages about love, in absolutely everything that she does.
Christy Taronno
Co-Founder, Co-Writer, Performer, Musician
CHRISTY TARONNO is a songwriter and actor from the cold dark plains of Winnipeg, Canada. Co-founder of Peachy Keen Productions, Taronno is best known for composing and co-writing for the theatre company’s hit Fringe show Bizarro Obscure. She spends her nights howling at the moon from the depths of Winnipeg’s underground bars with the alternative hard rock band SETTLERS. Her days - writing piano-pop songs to the prairie sun under the moniker Karenina.
Jeff Leard
Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Performer
Jeff Leard is a writer and performer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the past five years Jeff has performed his solo shows Sperm Wars, The Show Must Go On, and The Jupiter Rebellion in nearly every festival across the Fringe circuit. Over the years his work has earned him numerous awards including, Outstanding Performance (Toronto Fringe), Critic’s Pick (Ottawa & Calgary Fringe) and Best Solo Show (Victoria Fringe).
Thea Fitz-James
Co-Creator, Director
Thea Fitz-James is part academic and part theatre practitioner. She’s created work with FADO’s Emerging Artist Series, Secret Theatre’s Secret Selfies in Halifax and the School of Making/Thinking in New York. She’s successfully toured her solo shows, NAKED LADIES and Drunk Girl internationally, performing, most notably with Summerworks (Toronto) and Thea Blue Room’s Summer Nights (Perth, AUS). Drunk Girl was nominated for the Best Theatre Award at Fringe WORLD 2017 and NAKED LADIES won runner-up for the Centaur Theatre Award at Montreal Fringe 2016. In addition to her solo theatre work, Thea is a theatre curator, producer, festival coordinator with the Cucalorus Film Festival. With Cucalorus, she founded and ran their artist residency program, bringing multiple disciplines together to make art around themes such as trans/queer issue is the USA South, sexual assault, and food & art. Now back in Toronto she is a playwright with Factory Theatre’s Natural Resources and is running the monthly performance series Dark Day Monday. Ultimately, Thea’s work sits at the intersection of storytelling, academia, performance art, and theatre. She is interested in dissecting contemporary depictions of women and feminism, exploring the where personal narratives and political ones intersect, and her own intersectionality as a manic, queer, cis-gendered, white, female settler. Thea is a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at York University, writing about knitting and textiles in activism and performance, and Fringe festivals.
Justin Otto
Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Performer
Justin Otto is an All-Fucks given kind of guy.. Actor, writer, producer and likes to lie that he can play the harpsichord. A recent exodus finds Justin in Toronto - the 6ix, the Big smoke, where the Leafs play – where he wanders the streets yelling, “HIRE ME”. The past few years has garnered Justin great press for performances in RMTC’s Armstrong’s War, PTE’s Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts, a Debbie Patterson directed The Crackwalker, and I Dream of Diesel a prairie-play inspired by the music of Scott Nolan. Recently he co-produced and performed a nearly sold-out run of Harry Rintoul’s Brave Hearts. When the winter wheat resumes growth in spring, Justin hopes to return to the longitudinal centre for theatre surprises. Some shows look to return from brief hiatus and Justin looks to push things forward nationally. #downwiththepatriarchy
Elsa Taylor
Elsa is a 23 year old lover of poetry, plays, and potions. She has a passion for finding beauty in darkness and bringing it to light through these mediums. She hopes to leave the world a stronger, kinder, sparklier place than it was when she came into it, and Peachy Keen's loving message of social awareness lends itself perfectly to this mission.
Eugene Hayduk
Company Manager
Eugene Hayduk is a high energy individual who knows how to bring the funk. He is a proud father of four amazing children and one golden retriever and is so excited to be joining the Peachy Keen team! His background in social service work and a long time interest in the arts, make him a perfect fit for Peachy Keen's mandate. His art form has been his strong ability to form connections with individuals and enhance their life experiences. He hopes to be able to greatly enhance the professional lives of the Keeners and looks forward to many interpersonal connections along the way that support their endeavours. Also, shoutout to his smokin' hot wife: Gwendolyne Joan.
Justin Larrivee
Graphic Designer
Justin Larrivee is a Cree Metis graphic designer from Winnipeg…and he built this website! His lifelong goal is to integrate his love for art with his passion for community – to take design into the wider context of social justice, activism, and indigenous movements. Right now he's working on a clothing brand called Civiltees that will donate a portion of the profits to the local community.