Bizarro Obscure

A Pep Talk for the Performer, With Love

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Being that today marks the day Christy Taronno and myself open our beloved, Bizarro Obscure at the Montreal Fringe Festival; It’s time for my yearly pep talk. Last year, I published my first successful blog post, Top 10 Things Solo Lady Performers Need to Know Before Hitting the Stage. Which really, was just a to-do list I made for myself. So here …

Fall Newsletter Cover

A Peachy Keen Newsletter: September 2015

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Hello Peachy Keen Friends, How are you? I hope the answer is very good. Us over here at Peachy Keen have had the BUSIEST summer of our lives. Want to hear about it? No? Well too bad, we’re going to tell you anyway. Sydney is all up in BC. She is currently at the Victoria Fringe Festival starring at a mountain. …


You are Here Today

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Because of everything that is happened until this point, you are here now. And it is exactly where you are supposed to be. Realizing this will allow you to take things in as they come to you, and it will allow you to be grateful for where you are now. I recently got caught up in wanting more, “IT’S NOT …


Top 10 Things Solo Lady Performers Need to Know Before Hitting the Stage

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1. Tighten your tits. I swear to god woman, tighten those bra straps. If it’s strapless, and you’re getting physical, that shit won’t do. I’ve had this RUIN a performance before and make me fall down into a deep pit of shame. Deal with your tits. Unless you wanna show those bad boys. Then you can skip this one, and …

Humble Bumble Bee

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Man, I gotta say: Orlando is paradise. Palm trees. Shades. SPF 1000. The real deal. A lot of things are on my mind as I begin what I’m calling, “My biggest adventure yet.” FIRST: Doing a solo show. So…there is only you. Like you’re alone. It’s just you. I’m developing a great respect for artists who do this sort of …